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"The Prize Wheel and Plinko Experts"
  1. Prize Wheels
    We offer a wide variety of options to fit every possible need you may have for a prize wheel. Simple dry erase, insertable, custom printed, and even magnetic options are available.
  2. Plinko Style Games
    Our plinko style boards are fully customizable with full color artwork. Or, choose from the option of a fully interchangable background graphic option. LED lighting and other options are also offered on these items.
  3. Accessories
    We have all the accessories that you may need to get started with our many great products. Customizable or blank pucks, replacement clickers and cases to protect your investment are available.
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The Ozark Games Family
Ozark Games is a family owned and operated company. We are committed to producing the highest quality products possible and are always exploring ways to perfect and upgrade the materials we use in our games. New items are constantly being introduced and fully custom projects are always a possibility. We are looking forward to the future as we continue to grow and innovate together to fill these needs in the advertising industry.
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Every year Ozark Games produces thousands of promotional games for a wide variety of industries. Our customers include everyone from Fortune 500 companies down to local elementary schools. Our selection of prize wheels, plinko boards, and other customized games range from affordable, stock designs to complete custom builds. Currently we stock nearly 100 size and style combinations of games.
Why Use A Promotional Game?
Template Files For Customizing Your Product
We'd like to show you some advantages to using a promotional game in your industry. Many people don't realize how these simple tools can increase your customer base, boost product sales, or raise awareness for your cause by engaging people in a fun environment.
Visit the template page to get the files you need to design your prize wheel or plinko style games. Templates are available in various formats to assist you in getting your artwork ready in a simple format for the beginner, or more advanced file types for the skilled designer.
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